Astronomy Gift Boxes are on a mission to preserve our human connection with the night sky

Humans have cast their eyes upward in wonder for millenia. The stars that shine upon the inky cloth of night are woven into the fabric of human history. From the beliefs and rituals of ancient cultures to the stories of the stars and constellations passed down through generations, the night sky has and continues to be a rich source of astonishment, curiosity and fascination in equal measure.

In our light-filled technological world it is easy to forget what lies above our heads each night. At astronomygiftboxes.co.uk our mission is to preserve that human connection with the night sky. Our gift boxes are crafted by astronomer Seb Jay to inspire children and adults alike to look up. Packed full of informational and graphical space content our mission is to make it easy to connect with the cosmos no matter your level of stargazing experience or age.